92 year old LaLanne Still Enjoys Corvettes

Posted: April 20, 2007 in 1


Jack LaLanne is America’s oldest and most loved fitness expert. He opened the first modern health spa in America in 1936 and brought physical fitness to national TV in 1951. His inventions include the first weight pulley machines using cables, the first weight selectors, and the first leg-extension machine. He was the first fitness trainer to have women work with weights, and he encouraged the disabled and elderly to exercise for their own health. But there’s something you probably don’t know about Jack LaLanne.

His passion has always been fast cars-the faster, the better. In-between his fitness routines and motivational talks across the United States, Jack gets behind the wheel of his fourth Corvette, an ’05 coupe. Yes, you read that right: Jack LaLanne, at 92 years young, is the proud owner of America’s premier 400hp supercar. Figuring he was the oldest Corvette-owning celebrity alive, we asked him for an interview. Somewhat surprisingly, he agreed.



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