Who Buys Corvettes?

Posted: April 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

Chevrolet sold 36,000 Corvettes in 2006 (source: GM). J. D. Power and Associates reports that 47% are sold to people age 36-55 and an astounding 40% are sold to customers age 56 and up. Not surprisingly, 84% of Corvette buyers are men (source: J. D. Power).

  1. Ged Dougherty says:

    I have a 1969 corvette in the process of being restored. It is 80% complete, the engine is not original but have most of the replacement parts and interior. Please let me know if you have any ideas of where to sell this. I live in Michigan..
    Thank you

  2. Drew Kelly says:

    Try this site! Great service!

  3. Anonymous says:

    jack,in this life found out one thing,dont mater how old ya are,while in this world,there is no think that makes you feel as good as driving a corvette!!!!!!!see ya in heaven jack!!pat

  4. Anonymous says:

    oops,correction…thing not think! p.s .i think jack new the lord,thats why i think he will be in heaven(john-chap.3,v16)!!!he did what he was called to do,help his fellow man in the way he new how best,thats love,love is godly,amen!!!pat

  5. Anonymous says:

    the 16% buyers of vettes are a woman!!!you want to meet some females that are neat to talk to!!!i find most to have a college degree,good job,pretty,like to be noticed,and like cars,o,and men that like cars!!!!

  6. david saenz says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Corvette Specials Restomod Many Fast and Loud Antique Cars

    1995 Corvette

    1958 Oldsmobile holiday

    1955 T-bird— possibly Grace Kellys car (it was originally black)

    2 1968 Mustangs

    1962 Corvette w/ fuel injection unit

    1953 Ford Wagon

    1977 Corvette

    3 1975 Corvettes

    1974 Corvette 33,000 original miles

    1977 Corvette w/ salvage title

    1969 Oldsmobile toronodo

    1964 T-bird Black 45,000 miles on title

    1976 Elcamino

    1973 Camaro 2nd owner car 86,000miles

    1968 El Camino

    1975 Corvette w/1974 frontend

    1980 Corvette parts car with title

    1976 Corvette

    1973 Plymouth 2 Door 83,000 miles

    1985 Cougar

    1973 Hornet Wagon

    1983 Dodge Challenger Salvage title 46,000 miles

    1968 Buick Lesabre Convertible

    1969 Mercury Sedan Gold

    1971 Pontiac Lemans 2 Door 55280 miles on title

    1969 Oldsmobile 98 2 door

    1990 Pontiac transport

    1967 Galaxy

    1999 Volkswagen Jetta

    1985 Corvette Parts Car / with title

    1980 Triumph Spitfire

    1985 Dodge Diplomat

    1980 Buick 4door yellow

    1976 Lincoln

    1980 VW Rabbit

    1969 Pontiac 2 door 153000 miles on title

    1964 Chevy Pickup

    1970 International Scout

    1965 Mustang Blue 289 small V8 parts car

    1965 Mustang Redone at one time 6 cylinder

    1989 Dodge Ram Power Wagon

    1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Beige

    1986 Buick Regal

    1987 Chevy Plow truck

    1985 Mercury Cougar 79000 miles on title 5.0 motor

    1989 Jaguar

    1988 Jaguar

    3 1987 Blazer

    1984 Blazer red and white

    1983 Mustang 2 Door Convertible

    1985 Jeep Cherokee

    1991 oldsmobile toronado trofe

    1987 Chevy pickup

    1973 Mercedes 450SLC

    1962 Corvette bodies

    1971 El Camino

    1972 El Camino

    1969 Corvette

    1976 Mercedes 450 slc

    1971 Jeep

    1988 chevy pickup diesel

    1977 Chevy Camaro

    1976 Chevy shortbed pickup

    We have all these good older cars…That would be good to restore…all are in good restorable condition…fix them up and git r done…

    Thank you….

    Call Mike at 609-313-2172

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